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Welcome To Mgtips Blog Your Deptination to Learn Internet & tips trick Blog About Technology ,Online Earning, Apps & Software We Try to cover most ofenducational technical stuff, as you can say aka a tech blog,

My Name is Happy Singh  you can call me Blogger, a Youtuber, a corporate professional who is eager to learn in his life i don’t want to enjoy my work on 30/july/2018  i started my Youtube channel which in Hindi Lamguage but want to share my knowledge with entire world so i found blogging is the best to share knowledge and earn living the everything is in Hindi & English,

About Blog:
if talk aboutthis blog i post quality content here on mgtips and want to help you as my capabilitie. i want people to believe in themselves & Execute their own ideas to get succeed in their life.

About me:
My name is Happy Singh not spinner bowler who is cricketer  hahaahah a Youtuber, & Blogger